About Wormax.io


Wormax io is one of the most popular worm games on the web that features free online multiplayer and some unique mechanics that make it stand out from all the other titles in the sub-genre. Help the worm grow by directing it towards food, avoid crashing into other players and survive long enough to take one of the spots in the leaderboards shown at the top right corner of the screen.

One of the greatest advantages of Wormax is its unique set of bonuses and skills. Bonuses can be collected just like regular food orbs: some of them will make you faster for a limited time, others will create a magnetism field around you to attract energy from afar. Skills can be used to help you out in tricky situations: you can stop dead in your tracks or boost your speed to avoid enemy attacks.

Wormax.io also happens to be one of the best looking games in the genre: its colorful visuals create a fun and relaxed atmosphere while providing a very clear picture of what’s going on on the map. Controls are also simple and comfortable to use: direct the worm by moving the mouse, press Q, W and E to activate your skills.

No matter how many Wormax games you play it never really gets old. Give it a go and try to reach the top score!

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